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Side Gig


Every week on my show, I help women entrepreneurs START and GROW their side gig. As an entrepreneur myself, I know first-hand how painfully challenging it can be to get paid on time.

Which is why I’m so excited to be in partnership with Joust. I am OBSESSED with Joust’s PayArmour™ feature that will pay you upfront on all your client invoices. How cool is that?"

-Elena Ciccotelli

Host of The Side Gig Central Podcast


PayArmour Logo-01 PayArmour™

Invoice protection that allows you to get paid upfront on late or unpaid invoices.

Process your invoice payments through PayArmour™ and get paid on your schedule rather than your client's schedule. Choose to get same-day payment or a net30-day payment guarantee.

Freelance Financial Freedom

Smooth income volatility with Joust's all-inclusive banking platform.

Business Bank Account

Get an FDIC-insured bank account plus Visa debit card.


PayArmour™ Protection

Get same-day or a net30 payment guarantee on your invoices and smooth income volatility.


Payment Account

Accept all forms of payment with a Merchant Account. Manage your clients entirely in-app.


I don’t have Joe Pesci from The Irishman lurking in the background making sure all my invoices are paid in full. Joust’s PayArmour™ is a much more practical way to make sure I'm getting paid on time, every time.

-Elena Ciccotelli

Host of The Side Gig Central Podcast

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