Business Banking for the Self-Employed

The first banking platform to guarantee your income.

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Freelance Financial Freedom

Business Bank Account

Get an FDIC-insured bank account plus Visa debit card.

*Backed by nbkc, FDIC insurance up to $250,000

PayArmour™ Protection

Get same-day or a net30 payment guarantee on your invoices and smooth income volatility.

Payment Account

Accept all forms of payment with a Merchant Account. Manage your clients entirely in-app.

Smooth income volatility with Joust's all-inclusive banking platform

Money Made, Money Paid

  • 30-day payment guarantee on invoices up to $2500 for a flat fee of 1%
  • OR instantly fund invoices up to $5000 for a flat fee of 6%

Joust's PayArmour™ payment protection will guarantee you're paid...even if your clients skip out on the bill.

Although PayArmour™ feels like invoice insurance, it is a form of invoice factoring. With factoring, Joust business users can draw needed funds from Joust. We assume ownership of the receivables and relieve you of the hassle of having to collect from your customers.

Manage Your 

Money Entirely 


Secure and simple bank account, streamlined 

BillPay, invoice creation, and client management.